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Nettsidene vist på laptop, nettbrett og telefon. Illustrasjon.

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) started the work on renewing their entire web focus towards the end of 2012. Fosterhjem.no was the first part of this work. Bufdir wished to create a website that was better adapted to user needs; a solution which provided better information for the users and contributed to recruitment of more foster parents.

Together with the Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs we created the website Fosterhjem.no

Trinnvis oppskrift til hvordan bli fosterhjem. Skjermbilde.
Fosterhjem.no vist på en telefon. Foto.

A human tone of voice and prioritizing of user tasks made ​​it easier for visitors to get answers to their questions.


The new Fosterhjem.no was launched on 1 November 2013, and is a mobile-friendly and universally designed website. The website has been given a clear focus on user tasks, and addresses the visitors in a good way with comprehensible language and a welcoming design.

The main objectives for the new Fosterhjem.no:

  • Recruit more foster parents
  • Provide the users with good knowledge so that they can make informed decisions

What we did

  • Concept development
  • Interaction design
  • Graphic design
  • HTML + CSS
  • Universal design
  • User testing
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Focus on user tasks

The team from Computas worked in an interdisciplinary project team with experts and web editors from Bufdir, as well as contents and strategy consultants from other consultancy companies.

The analysis conducted before project start-up showed several challenges in the old site. An important issue we dealt with when we worked on the interaction design, was user tasks and the prioritizing of content. Many potential new foster parents wonder what they can expect and what the child in need of help is like. Therefore, one of the first things they see on the website is, in fact, a link to a page where they can “meet” children who need a foster home in their region.

Mann og kvinne som snakker sammen forran laptop med fosterhjem.no. Foto.

Understanding the users' situation and mood was important and had great impact on the design.

Talking to people

We designed the graphical expression based on the existing profile of the directorate, and it was important that the design framework should function for other Bufdir portals as well, and in this way create a holistic impression. With foster homes as a theme, we wanted to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The design was actively employed to achieve this; for example, we used a lot of pictures of people and friendly faces that the visitors could relate to.

Technology we used

  • EPiServer 7
  • HTML5 + CSS3

Do you want to know more?

Call us for an informal chat, or send an email and we will contact you.

Pål Vermund Knudsen

Account Manager