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FMC Technologies

Status og oversikt over brønner på iPad. Skjermbilde.

Red alarm lights are flashing in the monitoring office at FMC Technologies.

The wireless sensors in the oil wells have detected alarming values in a wellhead. The drive there for service personnel can be long and the situation changes constantly. At worst, the well can explode. How can they, in a best possible way, be prepared for what meets them when they arrive? 

Previously we had made a desktop client with full monitoring of FMC Technologies’ onshore oil wells. In 2011 they decided to expand the project in order to make these data available on mobile.

Liste over brønner. Skjermbilde.
Detaljer og status om brønn1. Skjermbilde.

The app has a good user experience and works great on all screen sizes.


We designed a cross-platform app available for iPhone, iPad and Android, in addition to a native Windows Phone app. The app gives service personnel valuable support in emergency situations where an error in the oil wells has occurred.

The app gives the users an overview of all the oil wells directly on the mobile, where they can see detailed values and alerts for each individual wellhead. For each of these values, history and development can be viewed and seen in connection with other values.

By using this app, service personnel on their way to an oil well will gain complete overview of the situation, and thus be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently upon arrival.

What we did

  • Interaction design
  • Graphic design
  • System design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Integration
  • Test
  • Project management

Technology we used

  • Flex (iOS and Android)
  • Visual Studio (Windows Phone)

Do you want to know more?

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Michael Sund

Account Manager