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The profession

The IT landscape is constantly changing and requires to be viewed with new eyes and from new angles at all times. Both during daytime and in the evening, you can experience how we find new solutions through playing by using drones, Gamestorming workshops, Lego Mindstorms and Robocode bot. In order to follow technology development closely, we have 16 autonomous professional networks. The networks are lead by the employees, each unit with its own dedicated leader. Each consultant can choose which networks to participate in, and contribute to their own competence development, as well as that of the others. In addition, of course, we participate in courses, certifications and formal training. We are proud of our five technical conferences each year, the Computas Day.

To personer som ser på programmet for Computasdagen. Foto.
Fagnettverkene: Funksjonell metodikk, BPM og EA, Software Engineering, Salg, Brukeropplevelse, Håndholdte enheter, Semantisk Web, KM og kunnskapsteknologi, prosjektledelse, Java, Sammhandling og portaler, Arkitektur og integrasjon, Testledelse, Database og informasjonsforvaltning, .Net og Webapplikasjoner. Illustrasjon.

To get really good, you need talented, experienced and dedicated people around you. We exchange knowledge through our own professional conference five times a year, and 16 professional networks.

The Computas Day

At this event all employees gather for lectures, workshops and lightning talks. The Computas Day is organized as a conference where we start with the general session «Rikets Tilstand» (state of the company) followed by a project presentation. The rest of the day includes parallel tracks covering different subject areas. Our professional networks cooperate on the program, and most of the speakers are our own employees. The Computas Day is also an important social arena where we meet colleagues we don't work with every day. At the end of the conference we always have a nice get-together.