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Integrated Operations

With Integrated Operations (IO) your organization will improve efficiency, reduce cost and ensure compliance to regulations.

IO is a technological revolution in the oil and gas industry. Yesterday's operation methods are challenged by new solutions based on modern information and communication technology which result in great operational improvements.

Oversikt over status og endringer. Skjermbilde.
Operasjonsoversikt med tid vs dybde. Skjermbilde.

Complete control and a good overview enables you to make the right decisions quickly.

From data to decision

IO gives fact­based, better and faster decisions in all stages of the value chain. Closer integration across disciplines, organizational boundaries and geographic location provides an effective management of all the work processes.

IO is facilitated through increased emphasis on communication, collaboration, integration of data from formerly isolated IT systems, improved tools for knowledge sharing and decision support, and a higher degree of automation where appropriate.

As a supplier of large workflow solutions, we are in a unique position to develop and deliver effective IO solutions. Our engineers, consultants and project managers have extensive expertise and long experience with implementation of projects for the oil and gas industry, especially aimed at knowledge management and decision support.

Our services within Integrated Operations are based on our expertise in:

  • Work processes
  • Decision support
  • Semantic technology
  • Collaboration technology
  • Data and system integration

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Roar Fjellheim

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