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In Computas, we are passionate about what we do; achieving results and develop the best solutions for our customers, critical to both business and society. We do this by working with the most skilled people of the industry. It is as simple as that. We work on the same team, we take interdisciplinary responsibility and we work towards the same goals.

See what it's like at work

“The people make the difference”

Mann og kvinne smiler. Foto.

Everything from fearless recent graduated hackers to colleagues who are older than object orientation itself, but still just as passionate about their work.

The profession

Even the best need to evolve to keep up to date. We are active participants in courses, certifications and conferences. To keep up with technology development, we have established 16 professional networks. These professional networks are responsible for the technical content of Computasdagen, our own internal conference, which is held five times a year.

Students and graduates

We're always looking for talented people and hire many graduates fresh out of school. As a new employee you will be warmly greeted. We have a well tested introductory program which will give you a good starting point. If you are still a student, we have exciting summer jobs each year. You will gain useful experience for your studies and work life, in addition to being social and fun. We guarantee a strong professional focus, interesting work tasks and passionate colleagues who will help you develop yours skills.

Explore the opportunities for students and graduates